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Understand real time trends and events to identify & engage with your customers using digital intelligence

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Revolutionizing Technology

In this digital era its important to take the right step towards hopping on to the ever shifting digital wagon

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New headphones caught your eye? Maybe those new shoes. What about that bag? Take a photo and find out who is selling it locally at the lowest price. Cool right?

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The world of online bidding and e-commerce has been redesigned. Experience savings like never before

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BigData and cognitive analysis is our specialty

Gain insights, understanding and clarity on what’s ahead. Having pioneered in the digital media monitoring and big data space, we are now proud to announce being the first to apply AI-driven analytics that help better your business.

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What to Expect

Data Monitoring

Data is everywhere, everyone has some sort of a digital footprint... Let Occuz help you understand and monitor it

Data Sifting

We build scalable solutions which means our data monitoring process is always expanding

In-Depth Analysis

Actionable insights are not easy to create or understand, use occuz and find out how easy it can be


Pull out reports, export or even share data across within your team and help drive conversions

Real-Time Interaction

Interact with your audience in real time, push messaging and engage all from one place

Consulting and Account Management

We aim to partner up with every customer that comes onboard for a long time and that is why we invest in you.

Our Services Are Not Limited

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12 Months Into Our Journey, We Open Our Doors To The World Of Data

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