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Why the name Occudiz?

Occudiz is a name that roots from "occupational disclosure", meaning the disclosure of undiscovered information that is existing within your organization, and information, where we as experts, extract from your customers and clienteles behaviors and trends, that would help grow your business exponentially.

What industries do you specialize in?

Occudiz is a company that was formed to serve cross industries, which means our services are not limited by an industry. We serve all industries and have specialized experts to cater to any need.

How do you price your services?

Our services are non static in nature and are priced using two methods. The first method being scoping the required manpower and hours to complete a project, and the second method which is the most important understanding your budget and finding a way to delivery that project within that budget.

Do you offer after-sales services?

Our standard service includes 3 months of critical support (this does not include adding a new scope to the project) for any deliverable free of charge however, if support is required for any service past the 3 month period we charge 20% of contract value for a year of critical support.

Can you help us create a business plan and raise money?

Occudiz can definitely help guide you on how to create a business plan and what are the requirements to raise funding however, this is not a core service we provide.

What are your core services?

Occudiz has multiple pillars of service which include, building websites, web applications, mobile applications, digital marketing consulting which involves managing your search and social channels as well as advertising, data science consulting which includes analyzing your data for trends and understanding your customers, as well as the Occuz 360 platform which offers, an interact tool to manage your social channels, shortURL which allows you to create customized short urls to share with your customers with extensive tracking, NPS surveys that can integrate to any online channel, customer support tool which allows you to manage all your support digital channels from one place and personalization which allows you to customize your website to each customers preference autonomously. 

Why the name Occuz 360?

Occuz is a short name derived from the company name Occudiz which is defined above however, the reason it was shortened is to give the sense of shortened delivery time of information. The 360 number is the degree of information provided referring to holistic approach.

Does your team work on client site or remotely?

We have both options available however, the cost of both varies drastically.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our contracts are usually very inclusive, we only charge you for what we work on and any other services you may require on the way that would be your responsibility to include (example hosting fees are your responsibility directly to the provider). 

How do I get in touch with you to discuss requirements?

Simply drop an email to sales@occudiz.com and we will get in-touch with you to set up an introductory virtual or physical meeting to discuss your requirements.

Do you provide payment plans?

This is definitely something we consider from weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payment plans when drafting our proposal for your ease and comfort, noting that the payment plan does not necessarily have to match the duration of project.

Do I have to worry about your team size?

Our team is spread across multiple regions and large enough to cover any of your digital requests however, if we do feel that your project requires more resources we can hire dedicated staff just for your requirements as an added service.

Does Occuz 360 have integration API's?

Occuz 360 was designed to integrate to your digital channels through API's and scripting which enables your full access control from within the tool to your digital assets. These API's and scripts are available to all our clients.

Do you use API's in your development?

We definitely do. We develop API's for your services as well as use API's that are provided by other third parties to complete certain tasks, such as google, facebook, twitter, cloudflare, sendgrid, etc...

Do you have a free trial for any of your services?

We can definitely discuss a free trial however, as standard policy we do not offer this without a request being placed to our sales team through sales@occudiz.com.

Do you offer hosting services?

We don't however, we will recommend service providers to you based on your projects requirements.

How long will it take for my website or mobile app to be designed?

We work using SCRUM methodology, which means we will give you a timeline from the beginning of the project on how long it would approximately take, given that we face no challenges along the way.

Do I have to keep my website or mobile app with you?

Actually at Occudiz we always try to empower and encourage you to be able to take over the assets we build for you and that is why we have a 3 months transitional period of support to help you take over your assets with ease.

Do you offer advertising and campaign management?

With every new asset we will definitely discuss with you the possibility of launching advertisements and campaigns to promote your business and the use of your new asset. We have our in-house specialists as well as our sister companies who can help you with this.

How do I know if my business requires tracking and analytics?

As a rule of thumb, every business should have in place tracking and analytics software linked to all their digital assets. This helps improve your predictive model and allows you to better plan for the future.

What do you mean by Data Science?

Data science is the study of data, our team of experts will help you analyze your data through customized software that can optimize your work flow turn around time, help you understand your customers, cut down your costs as well as create a 360 degree model for your understanding of what information is available that you can tap into from within your business.

How do I know if my business requires data science?
If your business growth has slowed down, you would like to tap into new waters, your team has grown exponentially and need to optimize performance or pretty much any change in your business can be a reason for you to require data science.
Is Occudiz open for partnerships?

We are an organization that prides itself in helping grow the economy and we are always welcoming of initiatives and ideas that do the same. You can contact us on info@occudiz.com or contact your account manager if you are an existing client.

What is your service delivery method?

We work using the methods of inclusion, which means you are included in every business and technical decision with the service we offer and any information we feel might be difficult to grasp we will try to explain along the way.

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