12 Months Into Our Journey, We Open Our Doors To The World Of Data

Everything you need to know about our Company

12 Months Into Our Journey, We Open Our Doors To The World Of Data

A Little Bit About Us

Occudiz was built on the expertise and passion of our founders and employees with a belief that every business, family run or multi-national should expand, experience and absorb the world outside of their scope, which resonates strongly with the core values to which Occudiz operates by.

Through our humble conception 1 year ago, the Occudiz journey has developed into an international web of services and partnerships touching every corner of the world. Not only will we provide you with support across your fields of expertise, our tools and experience will guide you into exciting new dimensions.

The launch of our blog is to ensure our audience is up to date with trending topics covering industry updates, international developments and updates from within Occudiz on a weekly basis.

The Occudiz Approach

Over the last decade, the tools and techniques used for market research, business operational management and customized solutions are becoming obsolete. The need to understand and breakdown big data in the shortest turnaround time means having the strongest tools and talent available daily. Would you like to know who is talking about you? Make sense of Big Data instantly? Optomize your business operational timeline? Understand your competitors and compare performance? Well, Occudiz can help!

It All Starts With Data

We are all writing and reading the same thing, which becomes a vortex of similar content that can be hard to sift through. To help you break out of your typical content, mould and develop your strategies, we have created a holistic approach to online data intelligence and back end performance.

Occudiz, through our Occuz platform, will not only search, analyse and make sense of huge amounts of data in a concise, professional and deliverable format but will also provide you with the back end tools to set up, structure and run your online portals.

Occudiz scope of services primariliy focus on media intelligence, ERP solutions and web based applications capable of capturing online as well as offline data, empowering you in a way that has never been available before.

Understanding your brand, the industry and the competition is only the start of your journey. Building your peripheral scope as well as a total view of what is happening and being said outside of your tangible circle ensures you become and stay an industry leader.

Internal Systems Matter As Well

Understanding the outside world is only half the job. Most organizations globally depend on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to give them guidance and simplicity, but many systems seem to fall short of complex customized tasks that if implemented, can come with a hefty price. Here at Occudiz we conducted our research and found ERP to be the best solution that combines back end management functionality as well as front end to ensure that customization is only a few clicks and activations away, with the capabilities of integrating on premise or cloud-based solutions.

Through integrating ERP and Occuz, internal and external data, your organization can benefit from a holistic approach to understanding data and implementing the best strategies to penetrate and mature in your given industry.

From Social Media listening, Web Monitoring to HR and finance, accounting to CRM, ERP and Occuz with Occudiz cutomized solutions, complementary products, customizations and support, you can now streamline and take your operational functionality to a higher level.


Monitor conversations across multiple social platforms, helping you better understand your brand perception.
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