Breakthrough Technology Trends

Breakthrough Technology Trends

I t can be difficult to keep up with all the technological advancements. It seems that they are not even finished being wowed by something before it is already passed. But these advancements and breakthroughs are truly inspirational.

What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.
– Tim O’Reilly

Developed to make our lives easier everywhere from medical advancements, space exploration, and even our own kitchens. A global pandemic has allowed researchers to see where new advancements were needed most.




Latest Breakthroughs

Some breakthroughs have been around for some time with new advancements, and some were borne out of a need, like in the medical and healthcare fields.


Artificial intelligence continues to amaze and top itself all the time. Everything from voice-activated robotic assistance to an app that can turn your lights on and off. 

That is an area we can expect to expand. Language and voice driven intelligence is growing all the time. Beyond your countertop helper, there are AI models that can be programmed to converse with humans, read and write. 

These new robots can translate many different languages, make predictions for future trends and insights into what people will want, and even have the ability to develop emotions.

Emotional AI is perfect for customer service situations as it can understand customer behavior with verbal and physical signals. A customer can chat with AI customer service and the camera and chat applications can respond to whatever the customer needs. 

Security is another area that will see great advancements. As companies all move toward digital platforms, the need for tighter security is in more demand than ever. 

As technology advances, so do the hackers. So, in order to prevent cyber attacks and risk all their private data being stolen, security needs to constantly be one step ahead of hackers.

The IT sector has also benefited greatly from Artificial Intelligence. A need started with the coronavirus pandemic and has developed quickly to take care of IT issues all over.

It has managed to boost productivity and provide the utmost security to protect cloud data, and is helping programmers write better code by overcoming software bugs.

AI has also managed to take over the normally boring, tedious, and repetitive back-end duties; furthermore, it can identify and predict complex problems, guarantee the quality of products and services, and provide much more assistance without any human intervention.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that creates algorithms to help machines understand and make decisions based on data. 

Ethics and security are popular trends in Ai and also for machine learning. Ethics are important to ensure machines can’t make mistakes based on data and security is vital to protect stored data. 

One of the biggest breakthroughs with machine learning is in connection with the internet of things, a breakthrough that will help devices connect to the internet and transfer data faster. 

Every year, more and more devices are connected to the internet. Not just our phones and laptops, but the increase of smart appliances and other devices like controlling out lights and heat, and even vehicles.

Machine learning and IoT will see great strides in the fields of healthcare, education, the environment, and IT. However, with an increase in use cases, we must improve security and make sure there are fewer errors and information leaks. 

Automated machine learning is also going to be more popular. Automated machine learning will increase productivity. It will cut back on the need for these machines to be programmed, yet provide top-quality results. 


Data Science

Digital transformation has created a need for storage as the cloud-based systems increase. Businesses big and small are moving to cloud-based storage to make it easier to sort, clean, analyze, and access. 

Expect this trend to continue for both public and private storage of data. Again, security is a big part of these moves, as it is imperative that it all be protected. This will continue with the increase of hybrid cloud systems.

The hybrid cloud storage keeps public and private data. Private cloud storage is expensive but has great security. Public cloud systems are not expensive but also have no security. Combinations of both are a better use of resources and performance. 

Automation is also something that is becoming more popular. From cleansing data to analysis, more and more of these systems are programmed to carry out the tasks automatically.

Hyper-automation is also becoming more popular. This basically means that anything that can be automated should be. Combining automation with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart business processes, you can unlock a higher level of digital transformation for your organization.


Decentralized Technologies

One blockchain trend is BaaS or Blockchain As A Service. BaaS is a new trend that is currently integrated with a number of larger corporations and startups. BaaS is a type of cloud-based service that allows users to develop their own digital products by working with blockchain.

Most of these digital products are smart contracts or applications that work without any setup requirements of the complete blockchain-based infrastructure. Several well-known companies are developing applications that will provide BaaS services.

It’s also making headway in the world of social media. Introducing blockchain in social media will be able to solve current problems with privacy violations, notorious scandals, data control, and content relevance.

Adding this to social media platforms will make sure that all the published data in the social media domain remain untraceable and cannot be duplicated, even after it has been deleted.

Data storage will also benefit from decentralization. From the private users on social media to major streaming sites, data storage will be much improved and secure. 

Video, music, and other social media streaming companies can also choose blockchain technology that will allow third parties to not only read but even write information on the respective blockchain.


Final Thoughts

Advancements in technology happen at a breakneck pace. It’s hard to keep up with much of it. But in the private sector and the business world, these advances are making us safer, for the most part, and enhancing our lives to be easier, and more productive.