Do you really need a mobile application?

Do you really need a mobile application?

If you are considering a mobile application for your customers to download, you need to ask yourself if you really need it. Because you may not. Mobile applications took off a few years ago, but technology advancements are already miles ahead.

Mobile is the enabling centerpiece of digital convergence. It is the glue for all other digital industries to use when approaching convergence, but mobile is also the digital gateway for the real world to join in this global metamorphosis of human behavior.
– Tommy Ahonen




Does the App Add Value to Your Customer?

Is your product or service geared towards people who will actually use the mobile application? Apps can be expensive to develop and use. If people are not going to use them, it’s a big waste of money.

Perhaps if you simply make your website accessible through people’s mobile devices, you can save money and keep your customers happy, as well. You can get your website to display all the pages correctly for a smaller, mobile screen.

This means you can broaden your reach. A mobile responsive website is useful if a lot of your clients don’t bother with apps. That’s because people can access your website without having to download the app first.

Apps are Expensive and Need Updating

Mobile applications are always needing updates, and they are not always compatible with all types of devices. If your business is international, mobile applications can cause a huge problem for people.

Updates may not reach all your users at the same time, or at all. If they are using an older phone, they may be stuck with an older version of the application that simply won’t work any longer.

Plus, your platform may charge you a lot to use the app, upwards of 30% of your revenue made through the app through fees and commission. Depending on what your business is, this can really add up.

There is constant attention needed for every step of the application’s development and ongoing maintenance. This can be very costly and time-consuming, and not a great option for startups or companies with a lower budget.

What are Your Competitors Doing?

Find out what your competitors are using. Do they use mobile applications or not? And if they do use them how is it going? Are they easy to use, successful, or just a waste of time?

If they are not using them, then that might mean you have either dodged a bullet or beat them to the punch. However, If they are offering apps for their customers, make sure they are working and their customers are happy with it.

You can check out if people are downloading their applications and what the customers say on the download site and review sites. If people are not using it then you may want to consider a mobile-friendly website, instead.

Do You Really Need a Mobile App

While applications make some aspects of our lives easier, they don’t make it all that way. If you run a small business, consider a mobile-friendly website instead of the app, even just for now.

Mobile applications take a long time to develop, to implement, and maintain. They are also expensive and need constant attention that may well be better spent on your business itself.