Does website design affect recall rate?

Does website design affect recall rate?

The main goal of a website, apart from informing people about their offering, is for the brand to remain in people’s minds for a long time way after they have left the website. So how can you achieve this seemingly impossible feat? Website Design!

The best way to create a lasting mark on your audience’s minds is through the user experience as they go through your website. We all subscribe to the idea that psychology in website design rules. When we use certain psychological triggers, we can influence consumer choices by nudging or guiding them towards a desired path or action. Apart from that, this guarantees us a better return on investment.

If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you read at this exact time 7 days ago from today.
– Alaa Dahbour


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Are your elements all presented in a memorable manner?



Ideally, your website’s content is its backbone. For the massive role content plays in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it becomes one of the main reasons why people visit your website. Having quality and varied content on your site ensures it is recalled easily by your audience. Find out what they like or what they need and capitalize on just that.

User experience

Another important aspect of website design is the user experience. How easy is it to navigate through your site? And is it possible to view information without being redirected too many time? Can your audience get an answer to their query within a few minutes of getting onto your website? Can they load it easily on devices other than a computer e.g. mobile phones and tablets? If your user interface is great you might never get feedback on it, but your users will definitely not be any please with a bad user interface.
Ensure your site anticipates each of your visitors’ need and question and answers or pre-empts it. It should also leave room for and encourage interaction from the user’s end. This way, your site will the ultimate goal of helping you achieve lead generation, increase sales and grow your business.

Navigation Menu

Regardless of your website type, always put the most important links at the beginning and the end of your navigation menu. This could be links to: the “about us” information; services or product pages; customer support; special offers or discounts; or even the “contact us” button. This way, you will get many clicks on the information you want to emphasize and give a memorable experience to your users.


Since time immemorial, the more attractive things have not only drawn attention to themselves but have also managed to stay at the top of the minds of those who happen to see it. How appealing is your website to your audience’s eye? Remember, as you pull all stops to make your website attractive, you should never lose your brand image. Every section must reflect who you are as a business, albeit in the most visually impressive way.


Having a visually appealing site is almost a futile attempt at anything unless your site is easy to find for your audience. Boost your visibility by employing helpful measures like social media and email marketing, SEO and SEM.
If you can be found easily it means that you will be accessed more and this will leave your audience remembering you for a while after leaving your website.

Placement of features/ Website layout

Did you know that web users are 89% more likely to remember logos shown in the traditional top-left position than logos placed on the right? Studies have shown that speakers of left-to-right languages look at the left hand side of the page first and thus the first page element they attend to is the logo. How about breaking the norm and putting your logo on the right hand side? Doing this is risky, but it would come off as unique and, thus, memorable for your audience.

Outline The Major Benefits

Most times, your users know exactly what they are looking for, but once in a while their comes a user who is not really sure about what they want and they come looking for convincing options at you website. Even for those that know what they are looking for, there is no harm in changing their mind to lean more towards your brand/ products/ services. For this reason, it is important to get the most out of the primacy effect by putting significant benefits in the very beginning. This goes especially for deals, discounts, free trials and new products.

In Conclusion

It is never enough for someone to visit your site or page; they need to understand what you’re trying to tell them and also remember it or you later. It is your job to communicate completely and effectively to your audience and leave no doubt in their minds regarding your product or service, through a structured website design. Structure your overall look, messaging and experience in such a way that your users will not only enjoy the journey through your site but will get what they came for and remember you long afterwards. Make their journey memorable!