Occuz 360 - Engage

Customer Engagement at Scale, The Easy Way

Enables better customer experience management by allowing you to access all leads, complaints, content, digital channels and reporting while analyzing performance, all through one platform.

Support Channels

Multiple Agent Users

Predefined Messages

Multiple Agent Groups

Notes and Comments

Threads and Tickets

Departmental Tagging

Real time API enabled

Leads Management

Automatic filter out

Connect with digital channels

Integrate with

Cross Platform Community Management

Cohesive Customer Support Experience Journey

** This channel requires activation and may take up to 14 days, after creating and activating your account please contact support@occudiz.com

Customer Support

Connect to Customers on Any Channel

Redirect customer support inquiries from different channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website Forms and Chats, App Stores, Google Reviews, Email and much more to the Occuz 360 platform

You can help customers in real-time across all of your channels, ensuring enhanced brand sentiment and increased customer loyalty


Agents and Agent Groups

Easily Manage Customer Support and Sales Agents

Create different agent users and agent groups and assign certain agents to different groups that are responsible for requests and inquiries from specific channels

Agents can respond to your community channels. Assign agents to specific threads, and monitor their performance through individual dashboards


Track and Manage Your Digital Activity

View total number of threads closed, average touch points per thread, average response time per thread, average closing time per thread and much more for a timeframe of your choice

Our Dashboards are used to evaluate specific channel performance, as well as customer support and sales agent performance

Detailed Activity Analytics

Agent Activity and Performance

Thread Distribution

Export Your Data to Excel

Threads and Tickets

An Effortless Way to Track Customer Interactions

Convert your customer inquiries and interactions into tickets, with advanced filtering, and keep them all organized in one place. Never leave your customers' questions unanswered.

Treat each customer interaction as a different thread, with the ability to automatically create new threads for the same customer with different inquiries, and keep track of all your customer inquiries

Tags & Subtags

Keep Track of Complaints, Compliments, Inquiries & Much More


Create different tags for for sales, inquiries, complaints or any other scenario, to keep track of your customer touchpoints.

Departmental Tags

Create different tags for each of your departments in order to keep track of number of complaints, inquiries or compliments coming in for each department.

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