Create Memorable Digital Campaigns

Generate memorable and customizable Short URLs and QR codes and gather analytics, with the lifetime ability to edit Campaign URLs, Short URL strings, and UTM parameters that are trackable and reusable. 

Why Use Shortener?

Shorter Links, Larger Impacts

Enable your team to understand your customers click behavior and leverage data points that you thought may have not been available on any campaign type such as SMS, Emails, Social or any digital channel of your choice.

Inspire engagement and increase brand recognition and trust in communications which in turn results in increased sharing and better customer experiences

Many Features, One Tool

Custom Domains, Dynamic Links and Static Links. Shortener Does it All!

Branded Short URLs

Stay consistent and create memorable campaigns for all your customers by adding a custom, branded domain for each campaign, along with a default forward URL

Dynamic URLs

Generate unique links for each customer and each campaign quickly without the hassle of manual creation to help identify engaged customers

Static URLs

Generate one short link for every long URL, and share it with all your audiences to track their engagement on each created campaign


Track Your Overall Activity Seamlessly

View number of active campaigns, total clicks across all your campaigns, total cost, types of campaigns created, campaign creation rate, peak time and audience location.

Make smarter, data-driven decisions on where and how to invest your resources

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Use a free domain provided by Occuz 360, or import your custom and branded domain to use with your short links

QR Codes

Create reusable and editable QR codes in a few simple steps, that are trackable and unique for each campaign


Archive campaigns that you would like to retain the data for but are no longer in use

Data Export

Export campaign data in Excel or PDF format and view Country of origin, City of origin, Zip Code, ISP, Latitude & Longitude and user device

Social Links

Generate links that are social specific allowing you to track engagement from specific posts, content and much more in relation to your target audience and campaign


Track your campaign clicks, footfall points, audience locations, Internet service providers, OS type, device type, referral source, revisit percentage, peak time and much more

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