What is the Importance of a Short URL?

What is the Importance of a Short URL?

As someone in the online marketing space, here’s one of the things that you should probably know: the length of your URL matters.

See, there are long and complex ones like this: https://thisisasample.com/utm_content=q&lf=en=&longurl=complex+offputting

And then there are the shorter and tidy ones, that will look something like this: https://ocuz.it/sample

As this is your chance to make a good first impression to your web visitors, then you can succeed at this with the help of the latter, which can be easily created through our Short URL Tool.

URL shorteners don’t have to be used as a social media marketing tool, but one of the best social media marketing tips you’ll find is to shorten your links.
– Jennifer Post

But other than aesthetic value, are there really merits to using a Short URL? We explore all the ways that you can benefit from shortened URLs in this article.

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Better SEO rankings

Although not considered as one of the main ranking factors, the structure and content of your URL can still impact your website’s placement in search engine results.

As a rule of thumb, you should include your keywords in your URL.

There are two reasons for this.

One, this can give your readers a better idea of what they can expect if they click on your page. However, you may also want to make sure not to overwhelm your readers with a busy URL that is littered with characters that only serve to confuse potential web visitors.

Another reason is that it will help you rank better in search results. After all, search engines consider this as part of your content too– and what better way to clue them in by adding your SEO-specific keywords in the URL, right?


Shareability on social media 

There’s no other way around it — these days, your content is usually measured by its shareability. Social media has certainly set the stage for this marketing landscape. Most marketers, in turn, create content with the intention of it going viral.

But what makes content shareable anyway? The subject and the way it’s written, for sure. But what most marketers don’t realize is that the length of their URL is an important consideration too.

Just think about the type of content that you’d be willing to share online. Likely the shorter ones, right? They are more to-the-point and can gain far better traction in terms of going viral. Long ones, on the other hand, can even go so far as to scare people into thinking that it’s a virus.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply exclusively to social media sharing too.  This also includes all other platforms that allow link sharing — emails and SMS, for example.


Improved credibility

Now let’s go back to the subject of making a good impression.

It’s interesting to note the impact of a URLs length to the credibility of a website and its contents. Shorter URLs look cleaner, and thus more trustworthy. It instantly gives viewers an idea of what the content is. Not to mention, it looks more authoritative too.

The extra character in long URLs, on the other hand, doesn’t command credibility. In fact, some people might argue that it just makes your site seem spammy.

Actionable tip: read your link out loud. The more readable it is, the better impression it can make to your website visitors.


Easier navigation as you grow your website

While certainly manageable at the beginning, your website will eventually host more folders and pages over time. So as a favor to your future self, you may want to come up with a simple and clean URL structuring convention.

With one, you can easily categorize your pages and group them. This is beneficial to you as the other owner because you can create a logical system that will prove to be beneficial when you decide to expand your website. This will also be beneficial to your site users because it gives them a better UI.


Save crawl budget

The more parameters your URL has, the more unnecessary clutter there is, and the more crawl budget is used when you index your content.

So, don’t allow unnecessary parameters and characters to eat up your Googlebot credits. Keep the keywords intentional and unique as much as possible.


Our Final Thoughts

For some, URLs could just be a make-or-break factor when deciding to visit your website or not. And by now you’ve learned that the shorter and more optimized your URL structure is, the more positive impact it has.

Short URLs are more memorable, boost your credibility, strengthen user experience, and are generally more shareable.

Of course, we know that stripping away parameters and keeping your URL short can be quite a feat. With that in mind, we’ve created our Short URL tool, aimed to simplify the process of creating Short URLs, and not stripping away any of its important tracking parameters, while giving you the opportunity to create a Short URL that is memorable and relatable.