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Technology Consulting, Application Development, and Occuz 360
Improve your stakeholders digital experience and ensure better digital performance through developing custom applications, enhancing your technology infrastructure and architecture or offer seamless digital support through Occuz 360 an omni engagement channel across sales, marketing and support.

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Development & Consulting

Today, everything is bigger, better and continuously evolving. With applications competing to stand out amongst their overly saturated competition, application development needs to get creative.


Our team’s dedication to avoiding the mundane and staying with the trend has allowed Occudiz to progress as one of the leading development houses. Our design and engineering services are transparent, flexible, and collaborative.

Occuz 360

An Omni Engagement Channel Across Sales, Marketing and Support


Connect your digital channels and manage them effectively from one place using a support threading and ticketing approach, enabling you to create a happy digital customer journey.


Connect all your social accounts and manage your posts, fans, followers, analyze your performance and much more with interactive analytics and reporting.


Shorten your URL to minimize character use, create dynamic links directing customers to specific pages and track its performance down to the location of where the link was clicked.

Who We Are

Why Occudiz?

From humble beginnings to a high-performance development house and SaaS focused business dedicated to Cutting Edge Development, Technology Consulting,  Community Management and Customer Engagement through Occuz 360 tools as well as web and mobile application development, data science and technical consulting and development, Occudiz was founded in 2015 with locations across the Americas, Europe, MENA and Asia.

Run by a team of industry-leading technology experts and an in house creative projects team, we put practice into passion, and believe in doing business with transparency, integrity and honesty.

Our goal is simple, make our client’s goals our goals.

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