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Publish Content, Engage With Your Customers & Shorten Links

A 360 degree approach on performance marketing through custom short URLs, customer support and content management to help you understand and engage with your audience, publish your content and measure and improve your digital footprint.

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Achieve Higher Levels of Engagement, Brand Recognition and Customer Satisfaction


Connect all your social accounts and manage your posts, fans, followers, analyze your performance and much more with interactive analytics and reporting.


Connect your digital channels and manage them effectively through team reporting, tracking response times, replying to queries, assigning concerns, generating leads and managing complaints.


Shorten your URL to minimize character use, create dynamic links directing customers to specific pages and track its performance down to the location of where the link was clicked.

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Why Occuz 360?

Your success is our success. With relationships built on trust and transparency, we will help you elevate your digital footprint with an easy to use interface, features that are turned around on a weekly basis and data that really matters.


Grow Your Business With an End-to-End Solution That Meets All Your Digital Needs

The Occuz 360 Console

Manage Your Experience in a Seamless Way

Member Management

View the list of members on your account, add new members and give each member a specific role and set of permissions based on their responsibilities within your organization.

Permission Management

Select an existing permission template or create your own custom template with the ability to set different permissions for each template, depending on the roles and responsibilities.

Billing Management

Create your billing account, choose your payment method, view activated services, view amount due, view detailed invoices and download PDF versions of your invoices.

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Which Social Platform to Advertise on to Generate Quality over Quantity Leads

Which Social Platform to Advertise on to Generate Quality over Quantity Leads

There is no doubt that using social media platforms to advertise is not only a good idea but necessary. But just using the same ad on all of the platforms won’t get you the quality leads that you want.

Importance of Understanding Your Customer

Importance of Understanding Your Customer

Here’s the hard truth about running a business: you may have developed the best product or service and you may even offer these at competitive prices, but if your customers are unhappy, you’re not going to succeed. 

Understanding Your Digital Branding is Half the Job Done

Understanding Your Digital Branding is Half the Job Done

You’re thinking about creating a digital brand, but you’re unsure how to go about it. You know what your website should look like, but you don’t want to make any mistakes with other parts of your digital presence, especially social media.

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